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Explore your business more than 220 countries worldwide with the help of our app. Using our plugin, you can ensure that your COD orders are legitimate before you ship them out.

  • Automate your IVR Call to verify the COD Orders which helps in reducing the RTO expenses and the operational cost.
  • Reduce product return ratio and save your valuable time for unnecessary shipments because of fake/dummy orders.

COD Verification by IVR call allows you to automate the process of verification for the Cash on Delivery payment orders.

Reduce the number of Cancellations. Identify fake orders before shipping from your warehouse. Optimize operational cost.

Reduce cost on attempted deliveries by verifying whether the customer has legitimately placed the order or not.


How it works?

Whenever a customer places a COD (Cash On Delivery) order on your store, App immediately call customer on a given mobile number and IVR will be played for Order Confirmation. And ask for an input to confirm or cancel the order.

Customer will give an input 1 app will mark the order "confirm" and for input 2 app will mark the order "cancel" if the customer wants to listen to call again he needs to input 3 so app will mark particular order with action taken by the customer.

In case the customer will not receive a call or reject the call, order verification will be marked as Pending, so that you can take manual action on the same. you can set follow up call we have provided timing for that (10 min,20min,30 min).

Shopify Integration with COD Verification


What we do offer

Enable COD IVR Feature

One-click enable & disable the option to automate the IVR call verification.

Manage your IVR call-template

Set your welcome note, order confirmation and cancellation message for call.

Enable Follow-up calling option

Trigger follow-up calls if your customer doesn't answer the first call.

Do Not Disturb feature

Set the preferred time when no IVR call will be placed.

IVR Call for a minimum order amount

Enable IVR Call by setting a minimum or maximum order amount limit for your COD orders.

Tag for COD Verified Orders

Create various tags like Order confirmed, Order canceled, which will be added to the orders on Shopify after the IVR Call confirmation.


Our Call Prices

Country Name Price / Call
India $0.029
United Arab Emirates $0.46
United States $0.026
Colombia $0.098
Morocco $1.9086
Italy $0.63
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